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Factorial Biotechnologies and Ginkgo Bioworks Collaborate to Develop Enzyme for Simplified Single-Cell Library Prep Technology

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Factorial Biotechnologies and Ginkgo Bioworks Partner To Develop Enzyme for Single-Cell Library Prep Technology

Factorial Biotechnologies, an emerging single-cell sequencing company, has announced a new collaboration with Ginkgo Bioworks to develop a novel isothermal DNA polymerase for use in Factorial’s single-cell next-generation sequencing (NGS) library prep kit. This partnership aims to simplify the workflow of single-cell sequencing, which has been limited by complex laboratory processes and high costs.

  • Factorial Biotechnologies and Ginkgo Bioworks are partnering to develop an enzyme for single-cell library preparation technology.
  • Single-cell sequencing has the potential to better understand genetic and functional diversity within complex tissues and biological systems.
  • Factorial Biotechnologies aims to simplify the single-cell sequencing workflow with its extraction-free technology.
  • Ginkgo Bioworks will lead the development of an isothermal DNA polymerase, a crucial component of Factorial’s NGS library prep kit.
  • Simplifying Single-Cell Sequencing Workflow

    Single-cell sequencing is a promising technique for understanding genetic and functional diversity, but its impact has been limited by complex workflows and high costs. Factorial Biotechnologies seeks to address these limitations with its extraction-free technology, which allows complete NGS libraries to be prepared inside intact cells within a mixed cell population. This scalable, high-throughput, and cost-efficient technology has applications in scientific research in healthcare and life sciences, including precision oncology, immunology, and cell and gene therapy.

    Ginkgo Bioworks’ Contribution

    To support Factorial Biotechnologies’ innovative technology, Ginkgo Bioworks will develop a novel enzyme called isothermal DNA polymerase. This enzyme is instrumental in Factorial’s NGS library prep kit and will be developed using Ginkgo’s advanced ultra high throughput screening methods. Ginkgo’s expertise in identifying unique enzymes and valuable reagents will help optimize Factorial’s workflow and enhance the efficiency of single-cell sequencing.

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    A Promising Partnership

    Factorial Biotechnologies and Ginkgo Bioworks are excited about the potential of their collaboration. Factorial’s cost-effective and high-throughput technology, combined with Ginkgo’s expertise in enzyme development, has the potential to revolutionize single-cell genomics. Both companies believe that this partnership will play a crucial role in advancing the field of single-cell sequencing and delivering on the promise of genetic research and diagnostics.

    Enzymes play a vital role in various industries, including industrial processing, chemical manufacturing, therapeutics, and life sciences. Ginkgo Bioworks’ platform enables the discovery and development of enzymes for innovative applications, such as Factorial Biotechnologies’ extraction-free library prep technology. This collaboration showcases the power of partnership in advancing scientific research and driving technological advancements in the field of genomics.

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