Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Forbes 30 Under 30 Honors Cornell Alumna For Laptop Innovations Technology

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Vanessa Sanchez ’16, Ph.D., joins distinguished Cornell alumni recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30. candidate who landed a place on the prestigious list for its innovations in robotic textiles.

Sanchez began his undergraduate career at the Fashion Institute of Technology, or her grown up his early interest in sewing grew into a passion for fashion and clothing making. Drawn to the more technical aspects of clothing design, Sanchez was later transferred to Cornell to explore fiber science at the College of Human Ecology, where she studied how materials chemistry and engineering could transform fashion.

“ there were leaky jackets that were supposed to be waterproof, winter coats were too stiff or uncomfortable, ”Sanchez said. “I thought about making improvements… through the materials.”

Sanchez’s rich background in fashion and material science motivated her to pursue a doctorate. in one Harvard Robotics Lab, where she used her expertise in clothing design to work with engineers and create wearable technology – a field that includes any wearable device, from smartwatches to assistive watches rehabilitation…

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