Forrester Asia Pacific Predictions 2021: Digitally Advanced Firms Will Have A Sustained Advantage Over Their Competitors

In this news, we discuss the Forrester Asia Pacific Predictions 2021: Digitally Advanced Firms Will Have A Sustained Advantage Over Their Competitors.

Businesses to Accelerate Investments in New Technologies and Platforms to Empower Their Workforce and Deliver Differentiated Experiences SINGAPORE, October 15, 2020, / PRNewswire / – Forrester (FORR: NASDAQ) Predicts 2021 to be the Year where every business will double its technology – experiences, operations, products and ecosystems powered. According to Forrester’s forecast for Asia-Pacific 2021, released today, the success of organizations will depend on the speed and ability to harness technology to enable their people to adapt to the new normal and create platforms that differentiate them. Forrester’s forecast reports analyze dynamics affecting different industries and disciplines, including changing consumer behaviors, customer experience, employee experience, marketing and technology. Forrester’s main 2021 forecasts for the Asia-Pacific region are as follows: • Platform wars will intensify in the region. As the battle for supremacy intensifies in the Asia-Pacific region, most businesses will become platforms to survive the digital age. Twenty-five percent of businesses will move from experimentation to pragmatic connection of essential ecosystems to their customers.

• Marketing managers will ensure control over the entire customer lifecycle. CMOS will put the customer at the center of everything it does: leadership, strategy and operations. As a result, spending on loyalty and loyalty marketing will increase by 30%. • COVID-19 will reduce engagement in the workplace. The physical, mental and economic challenges faced by employees in the face of the pandemic will continue until 2021, leading to a decline in business innovation in 25% of companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

• CIOs will adopt cloud and platform driven strategies for speed and scalability. In 2021, 30% of businesses will continue to ramp up spending on cloud, security and risk, networks and mobility – including struggling businesses looking to jump ahead and take advantage of the pandemic. • Asia-Pacific is finally catching up with Zero Trust adoption. The adoption of Zero Trust in the Asia-Pacific region has lagged behind its global peers, but the acceleration of cloud adoption and the explosion of remote working, as well as changing regulations and consumer behavior, make it ripe for change. At least one government in the Asia-Pacific region will adopt a Zero Trust cybersecurity framework in 2021.

“The pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation,” said Ashutosh Sharma, vice president and research director at Forrester. “The current economic climate has increased the urgency for every company to adopt technology as a strategic asset. Asia-Pacific is finally entering a decade of digitally level playing field. Firms in the region will be on par with, or even surpass, those in the rest of the world in terms of technology-driven business model innovation. COVID-19 first affected Asia-Pacific and we expect it to be the first to emerge from the crisis as well. Resources: • Download Forrester’s 2021 Asia Pacific Forecast Guide. • Learn more about the Asia-Pacific 2021 forecast.

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  • Companies to accelerate investments in new technologies and platforms to empower their workforce and deliver differentiated experiences SINGAPORE, Oct. 15, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Forrester (FORR: NASDAQ) predicts 2021 will be the year in which every business will double its technology – experiences, operations, products and ecosystems powered.
  • Forrester Asia-Pacific 2021 predictions: Digitally advanced companies will have a lasting advantage over their competitors
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