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FTC Nominees Pledge to Tackle Deceptive AI Practices for Consumer Protection

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FTC Nominees Vow to Combat Deceptive AI Practices

  • Deceptive use of artificial intelligence identified as priority by FTC nominees
  • AI has potential to enhance fraud and make scams more convincing
  • Confirmation hearing held for re-nomination of Commissioner Rebecca Slaughter
  • Andrew Ferguson and Melissa Holyoak nominated as Republican commissioners
  • AI’s Threat to Consumer Protection

    During a confirmation hearing, three Federal Trade Commission (FTC) nominees expressed their commitment to tackling deceptive practices involving artificial intelligence (AI). The nominees acknowledged the potential for AI to facilitate fraud and make scams more convincing to unsuspecting victims. The use of AI in phishing emails and robocalls was highlighted as a particular concern.

    FTC’s Role in Enforcing AI Regulations

    When questioned about the FTC’s role in enforcing AI-related rules, Commissioner Rebecca Slaughter emphasized the agency’s responsibility to address any violations of laws against unfair and deceptive acts, regardless of whether AI is involved. Slaughter also acknowledged that certain AI-related issues may require legislative action beyond the scope of the FTC’s current jurisdiction.

    Bipartisan Agreement on the Need for Action

    Andrew Ferguson and Melissa Holyoak, the Republican nominees, echoed Slaughter’s concerns and emphasized the urgency of combating deceptive AI practices. Their alignment on this issue is notable, considering the historically partisan nature of the FTC. If confirmed by the Senate, Ferguson and Holyoak will join the FTC as Republican commissioners, maintaining the current balance of power within the agency.

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    This commitment to addressing deceptive AI practices marks a significant step towards protecting consumers from evolving forms of fraud. By prioritizing the regulation of AI, the FTC aims to safeguard individuals from falling victim to increasingly sophisticated scams.

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