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As if dating apps weren’t terrible enough, former Tinder employees allegedly created a particularly awful app called CupidBots, Vice reports, and it wants to completely automate the dating process. dating. Worse still, their ideal users – and it’s true – men are too pathetic or too lazy to ask a woman out.

Now those who don’t have any games can try their luck with CupidBots. For $15 a month, an artificial intelligence algorithm selects women for them on the dating app of their choice, based on their previous swipes.

And what exactly is the AI ​​looking for in their scans? According to what a CupidBot spokesperson told Vice, the AI ​​focuses on women who are similar in appearance to those who have swiped right before. CupidBot doesn’t provide details on how it determines this, but it looks like its AI can scan the faces of women… who don’t know that their looks have been transformed by the algorithm. goods in a crude way.

However, that’s not the worst thing about CupidBots. In addition to simple management, it also deploys an AI chatbot to break the limit with whoever matches its users.

The AI ​​then pretends to be the man behind the dating profile and continues chatting, flirting with its unsuspecting target, until the woman dates or shares her number. At this point, the application will send a notification to the user with the date that the application has just secured them. And no, the bot never reveals its non-human nature.

A spokesperson told Vice: “We strongly advise our users to notify women once they have obtained their contact information.

While a CupidBots spokesperson emphasized that the goal is not to “objectify women,” everything about the app tries to treat women simply as something to automatically organize and play. game.

Not surprisingly, the motivations behind the creators of CupidBot are as dull and misguided as one might expect. The company says outspoken men — and here’s an actual quote, from a real spokesperson — “suffer the most from dating apps” and are “the most disadvantaged.” on Tinder. That’s exactly what a straight guy who hasn’t been successful on dating apps would say. For instance, this probably has nothing to do with the fact that you’re the type of person who dreams of creating an app like this. The spokesperson also explained that due to the “psychological impact” of dating on “especially young men”, Tinder is a “net social harm”.

They are clearly not familiar with the research that consistently shows how the majority of women on dating apps have experienced some form of harassment. Maybe because they’re exactly the type of people who believe they’re fixing the “net social harm” of dating apps by creating an app that uses AI to… harassing women until they hang out with them.

Elizabeth Haire
Elizabeth Haire
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