Google gets control of, wins it from Chinese man based in Wuhan

In this news, we discuss the Google gets control of, wins it from Chinese man based in Wuhan.

Google, which supplies Android which powers nearly 90% of smartphones sold in India, has finally secured the rights to the android.piece of money. Although the company has not yet obtained domain control and currently if you open the domain you will be greeted with a message saying “No Sponsors: currently does not have any Sponsors for you.” The domain name was registered by Jing Ren, a Chinese national based in Wuhan. He was forced to give it to Google.

The report comes from Medianama, which saw the order from NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India) to transfer the domain name to Google. The arbitrator appointed to determine who owns the came out in favor of Google and called Ren a “usual cyber squatter”.

The report notes that Ren was trying to sell the domain name at a price of around Rs 14 lakh ($ 19,500). Previously, he had also registered and and had been asked to put them back in separate cases.

For Google, this problem with domain names is not new. A few months ago, the company lost control of, which suddenly became inaccessible to many users in India. A report noted that the company had failed to keep tabs on domain expiration and that had been hooked by a company called Domainming. This broke blog links for many users, although using dot com instead of dot in helped users access blogs.

Then, a few years ago, Google briefly lost control of This happened for minutes. The domain was expiring and Google had failed to renew it, so it was purchased by Sanmay Ved, a former Google employee, for $ 12. But within minutes, Google realized the mistake, and its registrar canceled the purchase and refunded the money to Ved.

Google won arbitration case against Chinese national who registered although the company has not yet taken control of the domain.

News Highlights:

  • Google won a case adjudicated by arbitrator for rights android.piece of money
  • The domain has been registered with Jing Ren, a Chinese national based in Wuhan.
  • Ren has also recorded and


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