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Google launches ‘Magic Compose’, which is powered by Bard. What does this tool do?

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At the recent I/O 2023 event, Google showed off “Magic Compose,” a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help people write text messages. Now, the tech giant has made Magic Compose available to users in the United States only.

How does Magic Compose work?

It is a “experimental feature” in the Messages by Google app, according to Google. It makes suggestions for replies that are styled and fit the context of your messages.

How do you use Magic Compose?

Google’s AI chatbot Bard has been added to Magic Compose to help with this. Bard also came out for the first time this year, in March.

Features of Magic Compose

  • For now, the tool will send up to 20 previous messages to Google’s servers, which will then make suggestions for how to start a conversation, reply to a conversation, or rewrite a message in different styles.
  • It’s important to note, though, that messages with attachments, voice messages, and images are not sent to servers. Only messages with image captions and voice transcriptions are.
  • Magic Compose can rewrite a piece of text in seven different styles: Chill, Excited, Formal, Lyrical, Remix, Shakespeare, and Short.
  • The feature is made for RCS (Rich Communication Services) in the Messages app. To use it, users must turn it on in the app’s Settings menu.
  • Once Magic Compose is turned on, you can use it by clicking on the pencil icon in the text field. Also, it doesn’t save the message and doesn’t use it to teach machine learning models.
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