Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL are the first Google smartphones in the series to offer wireless charging. This was one of the most anticipated and obvious additions since most of the flagship products now include support for wireless Qi charging.

Pixel 3 handsets, like others, are compatible with third-party Qi wireless chargers and, of course, Google Pixel support. But now, it has been discovered that if you use the Pixel 3 on a third party wireless charger, you probably run out of speed.

As reported by several online websites,

Google Pixel 3 supports wireless charging speeds of up to 10W, but it will charge 5W with third-party wireless 10W chargers. It was also found that the Pixel 3 is currently charging at 10W only if it is kept on the Pixel support of the company for $79. This is comparatively more than the usual price tags of Qi wireless chargers are on the market.

Many people have concluded that Google was not loyal because it prevented the Pixel 3 from being fully charged by third party chargers. But Google reacted to these accusations, saying that it was not blocking the Pixel 3’s carrying capacity. But that did not negate the claims either.

As for why the Pixel 3 works perfectly with Pixel support, Google added that the two work together thanks to a protocol we have developed for fast charging. “He did not specify what the” protocol “is.

So, if you’re thinking of buying new smartphones and want the “true” wireless charging speed, you can buy Pixel Support or wait for third-party manufacturers to launch 10W-compatible support.

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