Google Pixel 4a gets thumbs up for durability despite mostly plastic body

In this news, we discuss the Google Pixel 4a gets thumbs up for durability despite mostly plastic body.

Google Pixel 4a launched worldwide in August of this year. However, the smartphone made its way to India last month with a price tag of Rs 31,999. The Pixel 4a is the company’s latest budget smartphone with features like a 5.8-inch OLED display, Snapdragon chipset. 730G, a 12-megapixel rear camera and more.

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To make the Pixel 4a a budget smartphone, Google didn’t compromise with its specs and features, but built the phone out of plastic. Despite the plastic design, the Pixel 4a survived Zack Nelson’s brutal durability test of JerryRigEverything. In one of his durability verification videos, Zack tested the Google Pixel 4a and to everyone’s surprise, the smartphone turned out to be solid.

Zack started with the scratch test on the Pixel 4a’s screen which is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. The screen was scratched at a level six with deeper grooves at a level seven as measured by the vlogger. This essentially means that the Google Pixel 4a’s display as well as its 8-megapixel front hole punch camera won’t be damaged by keys, coins, or even razor blades.

The top stereo speaker grille and the earpiece are plastic with secure covers, which is why during the test it went well. The sides and back panel of the Pixel 4a, which are polycarbonate, were roughened in the durability test. Zack damaged the rear-mounted fingerprint reader, after which the scanner could still read and unlock the phone.

Zack also cut large chunks of plastic from the sides using a sharp razor, and said, “Now of course there’s nothing wrong with plastic, honestly I like a. bit like that, because the Pixel 4a will literally never have a broken glass back. to replace unlike the $ 400 iPhone SE whose broken glass back costs $ 270 to repair. “

Tellingly, at the top and bottom of the Pixel 4a, Google added a thin layer of copper under the plastic coating that is part of the smartphone’s antenna. Zack said: “Overall, it’s a very simple and inexpensive design, quite the opposite of very complex and expensive RGB gaming phones which cost a bit more.

Next is Zack’s bend test. With the Pixel 4a’s first turn, there was a curve but the phone locked and didn’t snap in half or crack. This is true on both sides of the smartphone.

“The Pixel 4a is perhaps the most durable budget phone of 2020. The North slammed and the iPhone SE has a glass back. Overall I’m impressed with the Pixel 4a, ”Zack concluded in his video. Undeniably, the Google Pixel 4a faces stiff competition from OnePlus Nord and Apple iPhone SE 2020, but certainly Pixel 4a has its own fan following for its stock Android software and camera quality.

The sides and back panel of the Google Pixel 4a were roughened in the durability test and the smartphone turned out to be impressively strong. Find.

News Highlights:

  • The Google Pixel 4a smartphone is available in India for Rs 31,999.
  • Google Pixel 4a is lightweight because it is mostly made of plastic.
  • Despite the plastic design, Google didn’t compromise with the Pixel 4a’s specs.


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