Friday, January 27, 2023
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Google predicts a price increase for Android smartphones and warns of a security concern to users

Google warns that the latest decision by India’s Competition Commission will make smartphones in the country more expensive. The tech giant also warned of potential threats to users’ security. In 2022, CCI fined her Rs 227.3 crore to Google in two separate orders. The company has been fined INR 1,337 million for abusing its dominant position in the Android mobile ecosystem and INR 936 million for abusing its exclusive rights on the Play Store. The CCI had accused Google of making one-sided deals with smartphone makers to allow Google’s apps to monopolize his Android ecosystem.

Google is currently appealing the CCI ruling to the Supreme Court. The company claims CCI’s move will hamper Android’s growth in India. His CCI, an antitrust watchdog, had accused Google of working with smartphone manufacturers to pre-install the Google app on smartphones. CCI said Google shouldn’t force smartphone companies to pre-install apps. The watchdog has asked Google to give everyone involved fair access. CCI feels it is currently dominated by Google and wants the rest of the ecosystem to do the same. But the tech giant claims it faces stiff competition from Apple.

CCI said Google is using this power in a way that violates India’s competition laws. CCI has instructed Google to no longer prevent app developers from using other companies for billing and payments, and to stop restricting end-users from using their apps. CCI also urged Google not to favor its own payment app, Google Pay, over other apps using the same payment system in India. Google in a blog post has said that CCI’s order strikes a blow at the ecosystem-wide efforts to accelerate digital adoption in the country.

The search giant said when Android first launched in 2008, smartphones were very expensive, but in the past few years, Google has made it possible for phone manufacturers to make smartphones more affordable. However, Google argued that if different versions of the Android operating system, known as “forks,” are created, it can harm the consistency and predictability of the ecosystem that has been beneficial for both users and developers for over 15 years.

The company explained that “forks” are different versions of the Android OS that have been modified by other companies or organizations and are not fully compatible with the original version of Android developed by Google. The forks will stop Google from providing security and user safety features to those devices. This is because these “forks” will not support the security and safety features that Google provided in its original version of Android. This will lead to devices getting exposed to cybercrime, bugs, and malware. Forks can be especially vulnerable to new Internet users.




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