Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Google reveals AI capabilities in Gmail, Docs, and more to compete with Microsoft

Google announced a number of upcoming generative AI capabilities for various workspace apps, including Google Docs, Gmail, Sheets, Slides, and more.

Features include new ways to generate, summarize and brainstorm text using AI in Google Docs (similar to how many people use ChatGPT in OpenAI), full emails in Gmail based on user short bullet points , and the ability to generate AI images. Illustrate your presentation with slides using , audio, and video (similar to Microsoft Designer’s ability to leverage OpenAI’s DALL-E or Canva’s ability to leverage Stable Diffusion).

The announcement shows Google’s eagerness to keep up with the competition in its new AI race. Since launching ChatGPT last year and his Microsoft chatbot-enabled Bing in February this year, the search giant has been scrambling to launch his AI capabilities as well. The company reportedly declared him “Code Red” in December, and management told employees that within months, all user products used by billions of people would have his AI tools. prompted to add But Google is definitely ahead. The company has announced a slew of new features, but only the first of these (his AI writing tools for Docs and Gmail) are available to a group of US-based “trusted testers” this month. Google says these and other features will roll out to the public later this year, but when is not specified.

Of all the new features, the AI ​​writing and brainstorming tools in Docs and Gmail seem to be the most useful. In the sample demo, the user sees the prompt “Help me write” and enters the request “Job Posting for a Regional Sales Representative”. The AI ​​system then completes the job description in seconds, allowing the text to be edited and improved. Google has detailed these potential features in a press release. Write the version first. Just enter the topic you want to write about and a draft will be created instantly. You can continue to refine and edit it with Al’s co-partners and get further suggestions if needed.”

Similar functionality allows users to rewrite text or augment it with AI tools. So Google says you can jot down a few bullet points about work meetings. Google Docs then expands this into a “more elaborate summary”, allowing the user to manually set the tone (e.g. “whimsical” or “formal”). Video demo shows how Google uses AI to craft personalized marketing messages for customers, transforms bullet points into complete emails, and summarizes content from long email chains in Gmail.

Elizabeth Haire
Elizabeth Haire
Elizabeth Haire is in charge of coverage for laptops and desktops, and he stays current on the most recent developments in the gaming and technology industries. You can find him enjoying video games, watching social media, and waiting for the next Marvel movie when he isn't writing about technology.

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