Google to provide Mideast grants, loans to train digital skills

In this news, we discuss the Google to provide Mideast grants, loans to train digital skills.

CAIRO (Reuters) – US tech company Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc, plans to provide grants worth $ 1.1 million to help businesses in the Middle East and North Africa improve their digital skills and bring them online, the company said on Tuesday.

Google will also provide $ 3 million in loans to thousands of businesses in the region, of which $ 2 million will go to Egypt, to help them in a digital transformation, the company said in a presentation to Reuters.

Online consumption in the region is on the rise this year as people stay at home due to the novel coronavirus, Google said, adding that according to the Arab Monetary Fund, 6 million jobs are at risk.

A total of 1 million businesses or individuals in the region would receive help to improve their digital skills to find jobs and bring businesses online by the end of 2021, he said. added. The company will also provide $ 9 million in advertising credits and grants to support businesses and governments in the region.

Report by Ahmed Elhamy in Cairo; Written by Ulf Laessing; Edited by Matthew Lewis

Original © Thomson Reuters Corporation

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