Google Workspace & Assistant are even more work-ready

Google Workspace & Assistant are even more work-ready

Google is now reportedly prepping a plethora of new updates, including some to its Assistant, for its enterprise-focused Workspace offering. The changes are intended to make the platform, previously known as G Suite, better well-suited for productivity.

The biggest change to Google’s Workspace within the confines of the updates is its Assistant AI improvements. Namely, that Google Assistant is now ready to work in Workspace. Now, users can use Google Assistant directly to join in on meetings, check work scheduling and events via the calendar, and send messages. All with voice and without having to open up the requisite applications, windows, or pages.

In addition to Assistant, Google is also making significant progress with its video chat app Meet. The company is now making it possible to conduct chats, polls and question and answer sessions on any device with a screen. For example, Google’s Nest Hub Max with camera and AI is now a viable device for these activities.

This new feature will be added to live captions, as well as the polls and question and answer sessions mentioned above. For starters, live captions are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. On mobile, Meet’s tile view is now also available, allowing users to see more of their colleagues or clients at once. Even on a smartphone. That’s on top of the split-screen and picture-in-picture support added with the update.

And when it comes to getting more work done, Workspace improves there too. For example, it’s now possible to mark blocks in work time, so colleagues know when to schedule meetings. Recurring out-of-office times can also be set, with meeting requests automatically rejected. So Chat, Jamboard and Calendar will also appear directly in Workspace Essentials.

Meanwhile, the new event type Focus Mode will follow this by letting users determine when they will have limited availability. In short, the mode limits notifications coming in during certain periods. In addition, Google’s new Time Insights will allow users to see how they spend their time at work.

Source:, Twiter

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Google Workspace & Assistant are even more work-ready

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