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Holberton Tulsa Joins Growing Latinx Conference to Discuss Tech Opportunities for Tulsa’s Hispanic Community

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Holberton Tulsa joins Growing Latinx Conference to discuss tech opportunities | News

  • Holberton Tulsa participated in the Growing Communities Latinx Conference to discuss career and educational opportunities in computer science with the Tulsa Hispanic community.
  • The conference aimed to foster inclusivity and showcased bilingual sessions, workshops, and Latinx-serving organizations.
  • Sofia Salazar, an Admissions Representative with Holberton Tulsa, emphasized the lack of representation of Latinos in the tech industry and the potential job loss due to digitalization and automation.
  • Salazar highlighted the barriers faced by individuals from different backgrounds, including the Hispanic community, such as lack of experience, time commitment, and financial constraints.
  • Holberton Tulsa’s Efforts to Overcome Barriers

    Holberton Tulsa addresses the experiential barrier by providing a coding teaching program that starts from the basics.

    Classes at Holberton Tulsa offer flexibility, allowing students to work on projects and collaborate with peers, minimizing the time commitment.

    Financial assistance options, including tuition payment after graduation, are available to help overcome financial barriers.

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    Holberton Tulsa’s Message to Potential Students

    Salazar encourages individuals without experience to consider tech opportunities at Holberton Tulsa, emphasizing that the program is suitable for those who enjoy collaboration and hands-on work.

    The tech industry provides assistance to various sectors, including healthcare and education, and Holberton Tulsa supports applicants from the beginning of the application process.

    Holberton Tulsa offers three different programs tailored to different tech industry roles.

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