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Ignore the New MacBook Pro; Apple Has a Much Better Option

The launch of the MacBook Pro M2 Pro and M2 Max, along with the MacBook Air M2, completed the macOS laptop portfolio, moving from the M1 to the M2 architecture. Those looking for something bigger have no choice but to upgrade to a MacBook Pro, even if they don’t need the power and extreme performance of a Pro laptop.

That’s about to change as Apple prepares to offer a better option for consumers than the MacBook Pro.

Back in the days of Intel, there was a natural hierarchy in the MacBook category. Light and thin means less processing power but more convenience. That’s where the MacBook Air comes in. When you asked for more power, you asked for the MacBook Pro’s wallet, which is larger, bulkier, with better thermal options and, of course, more expensive.

Apple Silicon has turned all of that upside down. The launch of the M1-powered MacBook Air delivered more power than Intel’s MacBook Pro at the time by a noticeable margin. Consumer-level Mac owners no longer have to rely on larger, more expensive laptops, as the MacBook Air already has more than enough for the amount of rendering and software development needed by users. passionate hobbyist or small business owner. When it comes to MacBook Pro, the M1 Pro and M1 Max push performance further, and the M2 Pro and M2 Max are built on that. Professional notebooks with workstation-like power and performance. While some people will continue to buy a MacBook Pro due to the status of the “Pro” name (and perhaps an old practice from the days of Intel), the people who really need the MacBook Pro make up a smaller portion of that audience.

The launch of the next-generation M2 chipset has elevated the versatility of the MacBook Air to a level never seen before. Immediately, the MacBook Air became suitable for countless users (the less said about the 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 the better). All that’s missing from this combination is what Apple’s loyal macOS users have repeatedly asked for… a MacBook Air with a larger display to match the options available on the hardware.

The long-awaited larger Air is on its way. Screens have been ordered, certificates have been requested, and production has begun. At some point in the next few months – most likely before the augmented reality festival that will be WWDC 2023 – Apple will deliver a 15-inch MacBook Air with power that can rival the fastest and most expensive MacBook Pro on the market.

It will hit the mark in terms of performance, size, and price. This is the laptop you’ve been waiting for.

Elizabeth Haire
Elizabeth Haire
Elizabeth Haire is in charge of coverage for laptops and desktops, and he stays current on the most recent developments in the gaming and technology industries. You can find him enjoying video games, watching social media, and waiting for the next Marvel movie when he isn't writing about technology.

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