iPhone 12 launch event: India time, where to watch, how to watch and what to expect

In this news, we discuss the iPhone 12 launch event: India time, where to watch, how to watch and what to expect.

Apple launches the new iPhone 12 tonight. To be precise, there will be four new iPhones. here are the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro. The launch event, which will likely also include the HomePod Mini and an Apple wireless charger, will be streamed online.

This is not a live event. Instead, it’s pre-recorded video footage that Apple will stream live tonight. The event will see Apple CEO Tim Cook and his team reveal the iPhone 12 as well as a few other products, including the HomePod Mini and the wireless charger.

People all over the world will be able to follow the Apple event. Apple fans in India will also be able to participate.

iPhone 12 Time of launch event and how to watch in India

Apple will begin streaming at 10 a.m. local time (PDT). This means that in India, the event will start at 10:30 p.m. (IST) as Indian time is 12:30 p.m. ahead of local time at Apple headquarters called Apple Park.

Much like previous Apple events, the iPhone Launch event 12 will be broadcast on the site Apple Web. To watch the event you will need to:

– Go to site Apple Web. the iPhone 12 launch events will be broadcast live there.

– Unlike some previous occasions, there are no special requirements to broadcast the event from the site Apple Web. No specific browser is needed. And you can stream the event to any device, even an Android phone or Windows laptop.

– Just in case that doesn’t work for you, you can also watch the iPhone 12 launch event on Apple’s YouTube channel. This is available on:

– And if even that doesn’t work for you, maybe you should try Flipkart, which streams the iPhone 12, also alluding to a rapid launch of the iPhone 12.

– And if you miss the event, check out the site Apple’s Web a few hours after the event ended. You will be able to watch the recording.

As for analysis, run the story and find out more about the iPhone 12, stay tuned to india today Tech. We’ll have tons of coverage on the iPhone 12 here.

Apple launches iPhone 12 tonight with a few other products and there is a way to watch the event live.

News Highlights:

  • Apple iPhone Launch event 12 will begin at 10:30 am this evening.
  • the iPhone The 12 launch can be watched online if you meet some specific requirements.
  • During the launch event, outside of the iPhone two additional new products are expected.

Source: twitter.com/indiatoday

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