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Jitendra Singh calls on science ministries to develop applications for agriculture, railways and roads

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Singh emphatically said that the era of working in silos is over. He stressed on the need for integrated theme-based projects, instead of a particular ministry-based or department- based project.

The era of working in silos is over, Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh said, stressing on the need for integrated theme-based projects instead of a particular ministry or department-based projects. According to a Press Information Bureau (PIB) statement issued on Sunday, the minister said he has started holding regular joint meetings of all science ministries as well as departments and before the end of this month he will also hold a joint meeting of the ministers of science and technology from all the states and UTs. This integrated approach will be further extended to include start-ups, industry and other stakeholders, he said.

The minister said representatives from all science ministries, including science and technology, earth sciences, atomic energy, space/ISRO, CSIR, biotechnology separately engaged in extensive brain-storming with different ministries in Government of India to work out what scientific applications could be utilised in which sector, ranging from agriculture, railways, roads, Jal Shakti. This is keeping in mind that every sector today has become largely dependent on scientific technology, he said.

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Singh said Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only has a natural predilection for science but is also forthcoming in supporting and promoting science and technology-based initiatives and projects. Referring to some of India’s path-breaking initiatives which have been universally hailed, he predicted that following the recent space sector reforms, Indian private space industry is slated to contribute to the core elements of global space economy — space-based services, launch services, manufacturing of launch vehicles and satellites, establishment of ground segment and launch infrastructure — to a considerable extent. Citing the example of space technology, he said, India is at present a frontline nation and the fact that even NASA procures data obtained by ISRO speaks volumes about the country scientific progress.

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  • Jitendra Singh calls on science ministries to develop applications for agriculture, railways and roads
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