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June 4: The Latest in Technology News

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Meta announced the upcoming release of Quest 3, a virtual and mixed reality headset with improved graphics and more powerful performance, priced at $500 USD. Apple is rumored to be testing out its new processors on MacBooks and iMacs. Twitter’s value has been reported to be only a third of what it was worth at the time of Musk’s purchase, and the company could face a potential ban in Europe if it doesn’t comply with a new law requiring companies to combat disinformation. These are the top tech stories of the week, as rounded up by Hypebeast.

This week in tech news, there were several exciting developments in the industry, including announcements from Meta and rumors about Apple’s upcoming products. Additionally, Twitter faced potential issues in Europe due to a new law regarding disinformation. Keep reading to stay up-to-date on all the latest tech news.

Meta Announces Quest 3 VR Headset

At the recent Meta Gaming Showcase, Mark Zuckerberg surprised attendees by announcing the upcoming release of the Quest 3 virtual and mixed reality headset. The Quest 3 is priced at $500 USD and is designed to provide users with an even more immersive experience than the Quest 2.

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The Quest 3 features double the GPUs of the Quest 2 and 128 GB of storage, thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset. Additionally, the physical design of the Quest 3 is 40% slimmer than its predecessor, making it more lightweight and comfortable to wear. Meta has not yet announced a release date for the Quest 3, but more information is expected to be revealed at the Meta Connect event in September.

Apple Rumored to Be Testing New Processors

There have been rumors circulating about Apple testing out its new M2 Max and M2 Ultra processors on upcoming MacBooks and iMacs. These processors are expected to provide significant performance improvements over the current M1 chip, which has received high praise for its speed and efficiency.

While Apple has not yet confirmed the rumors, many tech experts are eagerly anticipating the release of these new processors. If the rumors are true, we can expect to see even faster and more powerful Macs in the near future.

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Twitter Faces Potential Ban in Europe

In Europe, Twitter is facing potential issues due to a new law that requires companies to combat disinformation. If Twitter does not comply with the law, it could face a ban in the region.

Additionally, Twitter’s value has reportedly decreased significantly since Elon Musk’s purchase, with the company now worth only a third of what it was at the time of the purchase. These developments have caused concern among investors and users alike, and it remains to be seen how Twitter will address these issues.


These are just a few of the top tech stories from the past week. As the industry continues to evolve and innovate, we can expect to see even more exciting developments in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates and news from the world of tech.


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