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Keeping Our Community Healthy: Fall and Winter Tips to Prevent Influenza, RSV, and COVID-19

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Keeping our community healthy this fall and winter | Virginia Tech News

  • Respiratory viruses like influenza, RSV, and COVID-19 tend to rise during the fall and winter months.
  • Vaccination is crucial in preventing severe illness and reducing transmission of these viruses.
  • Spending time outdoors can help reduce the spread of viruses.
  • Frequent handwashing and staying home when sick are important preventive measures.
  • Keeping our community healthy this fall and winter


    Vaccination remains one of the most effective tools in preventing severe illness and reducing the transmission of viruses like influenza and COVID-19. Students can receive flu vaccines and COVID-19 boosters through the annual Flu Shot Clinic or by scheduling an appointment. Information on where to get a COVID-19 vaccine or booster can be found on the Vaccinate Virginia website.

    Spend time outdoors

    Viruses spread more easily indoors than outdoors. To minimize the risk, it is advisable to avoid crowded indoor spaces and spend time outdoors this fall. Venture Out provides information on hiking trails in the area, and you can also check out the fall Venture Out trip schedule and upcoming Recreational Sports events.

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    Frequent handwashing

    Remember to stay home if you are feeling unwell. Students can contact the Dean of Students Office for absence verification or additional academic support. Schiffert Health Center or your healthcare provider can provide medical guidance. Employees should notify their supervisor and contact their healthcare provider for guidance and testing. Human Resources can be contacted for questions regarding sick leave or remote work options.


    Masks may offer protection against COVID-19. While not required in university facilities, the CDC provides guidance on how to achieve the best results if you choose to wear a mask.

    For more information on seasonal viruses like the flu and COVID-19, visit the university’s Public Health Information website.

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