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Lumin Fitness Launches Innovative Studio with AI-Powered Workouts

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New Fitness Brand Lumin Launches With Technology at its Core

  • Lumin Fitness, a new exercise concept, has officially opened its first studio in Las Colinas, Texas.
  • The studio features wall-to-wall LED screens and incorporates artificial intelligence, digital workout displays, and motion tracking.
  • The company chose to start with a company-owned gym to test the concept before opening franchise locations.
  • With a focus on technology and boutique fitness, Lumin aims to bring a new level of innovation to the fitness industry.
  • Revolutionizing Fitness with Technology

    Lumin Fitness, a new fitness brand founded by Brandon Bean, has made its debut with a state-of-the-art studio in Las Colinas, Texas. The studio is equipped with wall-to-wall LED screens and utilizes cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, digital workout displays, and motion tracking. This innovative approach aims to deliver a fun and motivating fitness experience for members.

    Testing the Concept and Building a Franchise Model

    Prior to opening franchise locations, Lumin Fitness decided to start with a company-owned gym to thoroughly test the concept. As mentioned in Craig Sherwood, the Chief Development Officer, this strategy allows them to ensure the success of the brand and provide a strong foundation for future franchise owners. By focusing on an AI-powered coach, Lumin aims to create a unique fitness experience that is not reliant on individual trainers, reducing the risk of member attrition.

    Growth and Expansion Plans

    Lumin Fitness has already received interest from potential franchise owners, and their goal is to expand the brand globally. While the initial focus is on Texas, the company is open to franchising across the United States and even internationally. Sherwood emphasizes that they are looking for partners who want to actively contribute to the larger Lumin Fitness network and be involved in the brand’s development over the years to come.

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    With its strong emphasis on technology and the booming popularity of boutique fitness, Lumin Fitness is poised to revolutionize the fitness industry. By combining innovative technology with a franchise model, Lumin aims to provide a unique fitness experience for members and create opportunities for franchise owners to build a legacy with the brand.

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