Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Microsoft’s latest Bing AI chatbot is now available in the stable version of Edge

In addition to OpenAI’s launch of GPT-4 today, now confirmed as a working GPT model in Bing, Microsoft also announced that the stable version of their Edge web browser will now include the new Bing AI chatbot. in a sidebar. . The feature was first introduced at Microsoft’s AI press event in February, but was previously only available as a developer preview, not a public release.

With the official launch of GPT-4 today, Microsoft is bringing a feature called “Edge Copilot” to the stable version of the Microsoft Edge browser.

The update reinvents the concept of the sidebar, which previously featured Edge’s “Discover” feature to give users context about the page they’re on. The new sidebar will now feature an AI chatbot instead. When users want to interact with the sidebar and AI features, all they have to do is hover over the Bing icon in the toolbar to open the sidebar. When not in use, the sidebar can automatically hide.

When unfolded, users can take advantage of Edge Copilot, an artificial intelligence feature capable of providing “intelligent recommendations and insights based on a website’s context and user goals.” use,” Microsoft explains.

As the company explained at its event, the AI ​​chatbot had two key features at launch: chat and compose. Together, these can help users do things like summarize long web content, do comparisons, or even author content in some cases. For example, one of Microsoft’s demos showed an AI summarizing a company’s finances – but unfortunately the numbers were wrong, it was later revealed. In another case, a developer asked an AI to write a piece of code while looking for tips on Stack Overflow. AI was able to convert Python code to Rust. Microsoft even demonstrated that the AI ​​writes an article on LinkedIn after a few prompts.

Today, the company suggests that AI Copilot can also be used to help users write better emails, search the web faster, and learn new skills. The productivity angle of AI is not inferior to the competition. Today, Google revealed how to integrate AI into its own productivity solution, Workspace. His plan is to integrate general AI into every part of Workspace, including helping users write emails in Gmail, write and edit documents in Docs, create formulas in Sheets, take notes in Meet, and create text, images, audio, and video in Slides. Microsoft is expected to give a detailed response to Google’s decision later this week.

Elizabeth Haire
Elizabeth Haire
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