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MIT and Accenture Announce 2023-24 Fellows Advancing AI, Sustainability, and Robotics Research

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Meet the 2023-24 Accenture Fellows

  • The MIT and Accenture Convergence Initiative has announced the selection of five new research fellows for 2023-24. This initiative highlights the collaboration between industry and research to drive technological innovation.
  • Accenture provides five annual fellowships to graduate students in partnership with the School of Engineering. These fellowships aim to generate new insights on the convergence of business and technology, with the potential to transform society.
  • The 2023-24 Accenture Fellows will conduct research in areas such as artificial intelligence, sustainability, and robotics.
  • Revolutionizing Human-Machine Interactions through Novel Sensing and Actuation Devices

    Yiyue Luo, a PhD candidate, is working on integrating tactile sensing and haptics, interactive sensing and AI, digital fabrication, and smart wearables. By combining these advancements, Luo aims to create revolutionary sensing and actuation devices that enhance interactions between people and their environments. The potential applications of Luo’s research include smart textiles, healthcare, artificial and virtual reality, and robotics.

    The Impact of Foundation Models on High-Skilled Knowledge Workers

    Zanele Munyikwa, a PhD candidate, focuses on foundation models and their impact on work and tasks of high-skilled knowledge workers. With the support of an Accenture Fellowship, Munyikwa aims to examine how foundation models, such as large language models, affect industries like marketing, legal services, and medicine. Additionally, Munyikwa explores how foundation models drive the convergence of creative and technological industries, reducing content generation costs and enabling education and training platforms.

    Advancing AI-Based Technologies for Societal Benefit

    Michelle Vaccaro, a PhD candidate in social engineering systems, investigates human-AI collaboration and its potential applications in climate change mitigation. Vaccaro’s research aims to deepen the understanding of AI-based technologies, evaluate their performance, and guide their development towards beneficial applications. This work has implications for various fields, including healthcare, education, and business.

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