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Neo-Bionica Appoints Uli Gommel as CTO, Strengthening Global Service Provider Position

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Neo-Bionica Appoints Uli Gommel As Chief Technology Officer

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Sept. 25, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Neo-Bionica, a leading innovator in the field of medical device development and manufacturing, has announced the appointment of Uli Gommel as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With his extensive experience in medical engineering and a track record of success, Uli is set to lead Neo-Bionica’s technology division and drive the company’s mission to revolutionize the market for neurotechnologies and smart MedTech devices.

  • Uli Gommel brings over two decades of experience in medical engineering, having worked in Europe, Asia, and the US.
  • Prior to joining Neo-Bionica, Uli served as the Director of Mechanical Engineering at Advanced Bionics, where he led the development and launch of the award-winning HiResTM Ultra 3D Cochlear Implant.
  • As CTO of Neo-Bionica, Uli will oversee design, development, and manufacturing services, focusing on next-generation neurotech and smart MedTech devices.
  • Uli’s appointment highlights Neo-Bionica’s commitment to expanding its presence in the US market and reinforces its position as a global service provider.
  • Driving Innovation in Neurotechnology

    With his expertise and vision, Uli Gommel is poised to push the boundaries of neurotechnology at Neo-Bionica. His extensive background in developing advanced medical devices, including cochlear implants and surgical tools, positions him well to lead the company’s efforts in enhancing the lives of individuals benefiting from these groundbreaking products.

    Expanding Neo-Bionica’s Presence

    Uli Gommel’s appointment as CTO not only brings valuable expertise to Neo-Bionica but also signifies the company’s commitment to serving the needs of the US market. With his leadership, Neo-Bionica is set to experience rapid and strategic growth, further solidifying its position as a leading player in the medical device industry.

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    Uli will be leading a team of highly experienced professionals with backgrounds in MedTech, mechanical and electronic engineering, and a wealth of knowledge from renowned institutions.

    Meeting the Demand for Advanced MedTech

    Neo-Bionica was established in 2021 to address the growing demand for advanced MedTech and Neurotech devices in the Australian market. With Uli’s appointment, the company has expedited its plans to establish a permanent foothold in the US, meeting the needs of both local innovators and international clients.

    Through its cutting-edge expertise and services, Neo-Bionica is revolutionizing the development and manufacturing process for innovative medical devices, ensuring that the benefits of advanced MedTech reach those who need it most.

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    About Neo-Bionica:

    Neo-Bionica is an advanced Medtech manufacturer that specializes in the development and manufacturing of innovative medical devices. With a focus on neurotechnologies and smart MedTech devices, Neo-Bionica is at the forefront of revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

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