Saturday, January 28, 2023
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New Android App Blocks Malicious Apps Like A Security Search Engine

A new app in town could save millions of rogue apps within the Android ecosystem. help you to According to the press release, it does this by providing users with “more information about the security and privacy practices of their favorite mobile apps“. His BeVigil app, created by CloudSEK, allows users to search for apps by name. Then view detailed information such as permissions and data collection methods. “BeVigil not only helps users identify the safety and risks of apps, but our mobile app is also a bug bounty for researchers to report bugs to various companies that develop mobile apps.

It also helps them to improve their mobile and improve the security of their applications. All in all, we hope BeVigil will contribute to the security community by improving mobile security for everyone. ,” said Rahul Sasi, co-founder and CEO of CloudSEK. BeVigil as a web application he has been running for a year and already he has scanned and evaluated over 1 million apps. Now available for download on the Google Play Store. This app has many features such as safety ratings for all apps installed on your device. Plus, it provides detailed security reports and real-time notifications of new apps.

Most users struggle with permissions. BeVigil can notify users of permissions that should be disabled to protect their data. The app also shows your tracker so you can see the data being tracked. Users can also quickly notify app developers of security issues. BeVigil can find published keys and URLs in their mobile app. It also detects potential malware and vulnerabilities in mobile apps and acts as a shield against threats.




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