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Powering the ChatGPT Smartwatch is a Raspberry Pi

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s grand language model, seems to be everywhere since it came out late last year. Now YouTube channel MayLabs has come up with a way to use it practically anywhere without a phone or PC. Instead, the channel has gone the maker’s way and created a DIY smartwatch that answers voice questions with short answers from ChatGPT. That’s Siri and Google Assistant.

In the video, the manufacturer aka “Frumtha Fewchure” develops the clock using processing from his Raspberry Pi 4B (at least from the kit MayLabs uses in the video link, the 8GB model works ). The Pi is housed in a case that attaches to your belt and powers an external battery. From there, a wire runs through the jacket sleeve to a 3D-printed glove on the forearm.

The creator of the video says “I believe it will work on the less powerful [P]i”, but voice recognition can crash even the least powerful single-board computer, so the Raspberry Pi Zero may be overkill.

The watch portion features an LED light (that lets you know the mic is on), multiple buttons, a 0.96-inch two-tone OLED screen, and holders for his two Apple Watch straps. The buttons are 6 x 6 x 4.3mm tactile. Frumtha Fewchure told Tom’s Hardware that they plan to use the “secret” LED mentioned in the video as an IR emitter, allowing the watch to be used as a universal remote in the event of an update. rice field.

Don’t pretend your watch looks attractive. But MayLabs claims this smartwatch is the first, so there could be less-obtrusive iterations later.

The code running on the Pi checks for one of three button presses. You can get CPU stats and watch faces, but the real magic is in the button that tells the watch to connect to the ChatGPT API and ask questions. There are no speakers, so assuming you have headphones (wired or Bluetooth) connected, your responses will appear as text on the display and also as audio.

For voice recognition, the watch uses an offline voice recognition kit called Vosk, according to Frumtha Fewchure.

That said, your device must have an internet connection to send and receive information from ChatGPT. You can connect to Wi-Fi on your home network, but when testing the watch at a coffee shop, MayLabs will connect the device to your phone’s hotspot.

MayLabs lists many of the parts needed to make his own ChatGPT clock including screen, microphone, Raspberry Pi, buttons, LEDs, breadboard, etc. It says it can be replaced). However, the channel hasn’t released the code on GitHub or released the schematics for 3D printing the actual watch part, so you still have to do it yourself for some key parts of the project.

Elizabeth Haire
Elizabeth Haire
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