The development of the PS5 has been largely puzzling in recent years, but it turns out that at least one source at Sony compares the next-generation console to Netflix when the platform is compared to game developers.

Kotaku news editor Jason Schreier said on the Resetera forum website: “I’ve heard some fascinating things about the PS5 operating system like this one – one of the pitches they created for developers is a PS5 game like this to play as it should be just like Netflix ‘.

“They want to give players the feeling that they can load the game immediately and know exactly how much time a certain activity takes for them. They want people to tend to play in a short time rather than just turning on the console when they have a few hours. “

Netflix is ​​a remarkable comparison, if only because the streaming service has determined that the real competition for TV streaming is in video games like Fortnite. It seems clear that offering content with quick access will be just as important as offering quality content in the next generation of consoles – as the growing interest in game streaming shows as PS Now, Google Stadia and Project xCloud in In recent years, an alternative to buying games in succession has emerged.

It seems that the PS5 will have many of the features we expect in the next generation of games, and the improved loading speed is a big challenge.

We have heard a lot about the SSD (Solid State Drive) in a recently released PS5 specification stream that allows the hardware to find and load information from anywhere on the hard drive faster, regardless of whether you are running a single player campaign play or start in multiplayer.

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