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Ravens vs Bengals: Top Performers and Game Ball Candidates Revealed

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Ravens vs. Bengals: 4 Game Ball Candidates

  • Lamar Jackson’s impressive performance
  • Gus Edwards’ crucial contributions
  • Ravens’ dominance in total yardage, first downs, and time of possession
  • Lamar Jackson Shines in Ravens’ Victory

    After a disappointing season opener, Lamar Jackson bounced back with a stellar performance against the Bengals. From the beginning of the game, Jackson displayed exceptional command of the offense, leading the Ravens to a 27-24 victory.

    Completing 24-of-33 passes for 237 yards and two touchdowns, Jackson showcased his accuracy and decision-making. Despite missing key offensive linemen and Odell Beckham Jr., who left the game early, Jackson orchestrated five scoring drives. His passer rating of 112.8 reflected his efficiency and effectiveness.

    Not only was Jackson impressive through the air, but he also made an impact on the ground. With 54 rushing yards on 12 carries, he consistently picked up crucial first downs, extending drives and keeping the Bengals’ defense on their toes.

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    One of Jackson’s standout moments came in the second half when he connected with Zay Flowers for a 52-yard deep strike. This explosive play set up a three-yard touchdown pass to Mark Andrews, further solidifying the Ravens’ lead. Jackson’s perfectly-placed 17-yard touchdown pass to Nelson Agholor in the fourth quarter provided a comfortable 10-point cushion.

    Furthermore, Jackson’s ability to scramble for a 12-yard gain on 3rd & 5 during the final drive of the game demonstrated his composure under pressure and his instrumental role in securing the victory.

    Gus Edwards: The “Gus Bus” Makes Crucial Plays

    While Justice Hill started at running back and received more rushing attempts in the first half, Gus Edwards proved to be the Ravens’ most effective runner. Despite his modest 62 yards on 10 carries, Edwards made significant contributions throughout the game.

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    Early in the game, Edwards’ 17-yard gain set the tone for the Ravens’ opening possession, culminating in a rushing touchdown to give them an early lead.

    In the second half, Edwards played a vital role as the Ravens’ “closer,” helping the team maintain their lead and run down the clock. His 20-yard rush kickstarted a 12-play touchdown drive, extending the Ravens’ lead to 27-17.

    Edwards’ consistent performance and ability to make crucial plays in critical moments solidified his candidacy for the game ball.

    Ravens’ Dominance in Key Statistical Categories

    Aside from the standout performances of Lamar Jackson and Gus Edwards, the Ravens’ To put a stop to dominance was evident in various statistical categories.

    They held a decisive advantage in total yardage, first downs gained, and time of possession. This dominance allowed the Ravens to control the game from start to finish, never trailing the Bengals at any point.

    The Ravens’ ability to consistently move the chains and sustain drives, coupled with their strong defensive efforts, ultimately proved to be the difference-maker in securing the victory.

    To put a stop to, the Ravens’ triumph over the Bengals showcased exceptional performances from Lamar Jackson and Gus Edwards, as well as their team’s To put a stop to dominance in key statistical categories. With a 2-0 start to the season, the Ravens are poised to continue their success in the weeks to come.

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