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Should you get this dash cam and radar detector combo or not?

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Radar detector or a dash camera? Decisions, decisions. How about both at the same time, integrated into one unit? That’s the idea behind the Cobra Road Scout, a two-in-one driving companion with a 1080p HD dash camera and a radar detector. With the radar detector portion of the Road Scout, you can adjust the sensitivity of the X and K bands, mute false alerts, and mark locations like speed traps and red light cameras. Meanwhile, the dash camera offers a g-sensor and an emergency recording feature.

Why Buy a Radar Detector/Dash Cam Combo?

We recently spent three weeks driving around metro Detroit with the Cobra Road Scout. Unfortunately, my overall opinion of this two-in-one combo is mixed at best. Having both a dash camera and a radar detector in one unit is an attractive proposition, but as far as the Road Scout is concerned, it’s an excellent idea with below-average execution. In this review, I will run through the Cobra Road Scout’s “spec sheet” and elaborate a little further.

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Insurance providers and cable companies are always talking about the benefits of “bundling” your services. And in so many words, Cobra Electronics has done the same thing with the Road Scout. Opting for something like the Road Scout has three main benefits.

Depending on which radar detector and dash camera you are considering, buying a “bundle” like the Road Scout may save you a little money. Instead of buying two separate units, you purchase one and hopefully avoid spending extra cash (a good example of this type of savings is with the Escort MAX 360c & M1 Bundle).

Purchase Price

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The Road Scout retails for about $400 on Cobra’s official website.

Saves Space

Another benefit of the Cobra Road Scout is not having to slap two individual units on your windshield. Since the Road Scout incorporates both a radar detector and a dash camera, you will look at only one screen instead of two while driving. Don’t Have To Decide

If you want or need a dash camera for your daily drive, it probably won’t hurt to have a radar detector as well, and vice versa. True, you can eat Oreos without milk, but it’s just not the same. It’s the combo of the two that’s really special, and it’s no different with a radar detector and a dash camera – at least in my view. When I take my twice-yearly 900-mile drive from Michigan to South Dakota to visit family, I can make a case for mounting a dash camera to my windshield. Likewise, I can also make a case for wanting to have the protection and features afforded by a high-quality radar detector. The Road Scout gives you two desirable items in one package – a radar detector and a dash camera – for a long trip like this.

Cobra Road Scout In-Depth: What It Offers The Road Scout comes with a suction cup windshield mount (called the “EZ Mag Mount”), a 12-volt SmartCord USB power cord (so you can still charge your phone), and a 16GB SD card and micro USB cable for the dash camera. A handy travel case and a quick reference guide are also included.

Installation is easy with the windshield mount and USB adaptor cord. Once the Road Scout has power, both the radar detector and dash camera are active. Despite having dual functionality, the unit is surprisingly lightweight at just eight ounces. The EZ Mag Mount is more than capable of securing the Road Scout to the windshield. It stayed put the entire time during my three-week drive. The Road Scout is compatible with Cobra’s iRadar app. With the app, you can either report or receive real-time alerts generated by an entire network of users. iRadar alerts include red light and speed camera locations, speed traps, air patrols, photo-enforced locations, and other caution areas. In addition to the iRadar app, the Road Scout can also connect to an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot for software and database updates.

Cobra Road Scout: Radar Detector
Outlined below are some key features of the Road Scout. We will start with the radar detector portion first, then cover the dash camera. Sensitivity Modes & Display Indicators
The Cobra Road Scout will alert you to X, K, and Ka radar bands and laser (LiDAR) guns from both the front and the rear.

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  • Should you get this dash cam and radar detector combo or not?
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NewsShould you get this dash cam and radar detector combo or not?

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