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T.J Watt Breaks Pittsburgh Steelers Career Sacks Record in Win Against Cleveland Browns

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T.J. Watt Breaks Pittsburgh Steelers Career Sacks Record

  • T.J. Watt sets the Steelers career sack record with 81 1/2 sacks.
  • Watt surpassed James Harrison’s previous record of 80 1/2 sacks.
  • He achieved this milestone in the second quarter of the game against the Cleveland Browns.
  • Watt’s record-breaking sack came on third down against quarterback Deshaun Watson.
  • Watt’s Journey to the Record

    In Week 1, Watt had an impressive performance with 3 sacks against the San Francisco 49ers. This set the stage for his opportunity to break the Steelers career sack record in the following game against the Cleveland Browns.

    Contributions Beyond Sacks

    Not only did T.J. Watt make history with his record-breaking sack, but he also made a significant impact on the game by scoring a defensive touchdown. His contributions helped the Steelers secure a 26-22 victory.


    T.J. Watt’s achievement in breaking the Pittsburgh Steelers career sack record is a testament to his exceptional skills as an edge rusher. His dedication and talent have solidified his place in Steelers history. Watt’s performance not only showcased his ability to create pressure on opposing quarterbacks but also highlighted his versatility as a defensive player.

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