Tapatalk has been removed from Google Play Store, reason not known

In this news, we discuss the Tapatalk has been removed from Google Play Store, reason not known.

Tapatalk, an Android app that allows users to browse, read and access various web forums on their phones, has been removed from the Google Play Store. While web forums aren’t as popular after Reddit and social media apps took over some of the features they previously offered, Tapatalk has been used by millions of people because it allowed phone users to access many web forums directly from the app.

Users of the app noticed his absence from the Play Store on Thursday. Although it looks like Tapatalk went missing earlier this week. While the app remains functional for anyone who downloaded it, VIP memberships are no longer available, as they were based on billing through the Google Play app.

Tapatalk’s social media accounts have been pretty quiet lately. the Twitter hasn’t seen any posts or updates since April 2020, while the Facebook page has been inactive for over a year. However, an administrator of Tapatalk’s own forums confirmed that Google had removed the app. “We are working with Google Play to find out what the problem is,” the administrator wrote, “please stay tuned for an update.”

The exact reason for removing the app is unclear at this time. Google recently removed several apps for various reasons. Podcast Addict was briefly removed in May because it could be used to play podcasts on COVID-19, Slide for Reddit was removed because only one screenshot contained the word ‘ISIS’, and Tasker was unavailable for a short period of time due to an error in Google’s automated review process.

At the same time, some apps have been removed from Play because they do not follow the correct rules set by Google. For example, earlier this week Google removed three apps that secretly collected data on phones used by children.

Although it is unlikely that Tapatalk was deleted as it was given over to something shadowy.

Forums were popular among tech-savvy internet users in the late 90s and early 2000s. But the arrival of smartphones has changed that. The problem with forums on a mobile platform is simple: Forums viewed on the Chrome browser in a phone are not only difficult to navigate, they are often impossible to read. This is the problem that Tapatalk aims to solve. Tapatalk was an incredibly popular Android app in recent years because it provided an easy way to access thousands of web forums through a single app, at a time when many sites Web had limited mobile layouts. The app always maintains a loyal following.

Tapatalk, a popular Android app for browsing web forums, has been missing from the Google Play Store since Thursday.

News Highlights:

  • Tapatalk, an Android app for browsing forums, has been removed from the Play Store.
  • The app remains functional for those who use it, but VIP subscriptions are not available.
  • Tapatalk’s social media accounts have been inactive for months.

Source: twitter.com/indiatoday

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