As expected, Google is offering a number of new features and improvements for Pixel phones. The so-called “Function Drop” from March brings no less than 12 new, useful functions that pixel users have to offer new experiences. Many of these improvements in the update will make your life a lot easier. For example, a new rule is available that allows Pixel users to switch to Do Not Disturb and other routines based on the Wi-Fi network or the exact location.

Dark mode can also be set to an automatic schedule based on local sunrise and sunset times. This option should be available from the start. Motion Sense has been further enhanced to allow Pixel 4 users to pause and resume music on the phone with a ticking gesture.

The Personal Security app, launched in the US in October, is now available in other countries such as Australia and the UK. Using the Pixel 4 sensors, the app recognizes whether the user has been involved in a car accident and needs medical help. If the answer is yes in both cases, Pixel 4 users can ask for help using voice commands or a single button press. More importantly, the phone can give information such as your location to emergency services when you cannot speak.

There’s also a brand new feature called Live Caption that shows subtitles on your phone. This special function is now transferred to Pixel 2 devices. Not to mention the fact that the update adds no less than 169 new emoji and new AR effects that can be used on duo video calls.

The on / off button has been adjusted so that pixel users can perform some additional actions. For example, if you hold down the power button, you can search debit and credit cards, event tickets, boarding passes, or access something else in Google Pay. This special feature is only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Singapore and Taiwan.

A number of camera enhancements have also been implemented to increase depth for better selfies and the ability to take 3D photos on Facebook. The adaptive brightness function has also been improved so that users can temporarily increase the screen brightness in direct sunlight.

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