Techcloudpro Launches Cybersecurity Division, Expanding ERP Solutions to Growing Businesses Embracing Digital Transformation

In this news, we discuss the Techcloudpro Launches Cybersecurity Division, Expanding ERP Solutions to Growing Businesses Embracing Digital Transformation.

The partnership with CyberArk is a crucial step for Techcloudpro to establish itself as a “ one-stop-shop ” for companies Bengaluru, Karnataka, India (NewsView) Techcloudpro consolidates its position as a complete provider of enterprise IT Cloud solutions, by launching its Cyber ​​Security Division with Deepak Mathur as Director, Cyber ​​Security Division. Techcloudpro also announces a new partnership with CyberArk. “For the growing company, the transition from hosting security solutions to site Towards a hybrid existence with the cloud means increasing the number of security products and providers and as a result the complexity of security increases and can ultimately be compromised ”said Jithesh Manoharan CEO of Techcloudpro and parent company Vibing World , Inc. “Partnering with top security vendors like CyberArk, for example, with Techcloudpro as the architect and sole provider of security and ERP solutions, strengthens and simplifies security and business processes for the enterprise. “Security must be an integral part of a company’s overall business processes,” said Deepak Mathur, director of the cybersecurity division of Techcloudpro. “The inability to take a holistic view of an organization’s threat position creates visibility silos, making incident response difficult. Techcloudpro’s decision to make such an investment in cybersecurity is a clear signal of e its intention to fully serve the business and its cybersecurity needs. Mr. Mathur will lead the cybersecurity division of Techcloudpro from a place of knowledge and experience, having held managerial positions in the field of information Technology and cybersecurity segments for almost 20 years with companies like Accenture, PwC, HCL and Wipro Technology. Working with clients in telecommunications, manufacturing, banking and financial services, IT, mining, retail, and oil and gas, he has led cross-functional teams helping to improve business business processes, service delivery and infrastructure security. Mr. Mathur has a multitude of certifications from Cisco, CyberArk, Microsoft, RSA, Symantec and others.

As a Certified CyberArk Partner, Techcloudpro will integrate CyberArk’s cloud privileged access management into its cybersecurity offerings to help businesses reduce the risks created by privileged credentials and secrets. The company also plans to strengthen its offer in the area of ​​identity and access management. The complexity of business security has increased with remote working in relation to the global COVID-19 pandemic. It has become more difficult for IT teams to monitor the company’s security perimeter as hackers seek to take advantage of multiple user access points. The situation has left critical security systems vulnerable to attack and, according to a survey of 400 global security leaders by Check Point, there is a 30% increase in cyber attacks globally. This additional layer of vulnerability further complicates the security challenge for companies pursuing a growth trajectory. At the same time, the survey also found that 67% of security teams complain about the lack of visibility of their cloud infrastructure, security and compliance.

Techcloudpro is a rapidly growing Cloud ERP solutions company and Certified Oracle NetSuite Solution Partner, employing professionals with a wide range of certifications in NetSuite, Agile and ARM, among others, and now including CyberArk. The company also has expertise in adopting Cloud ERP as well as SaaS, PaaS and iPaaS. In cybersecurity implementations, Techcloudpro will connect CyberArk Privileged Access Management for Cloud to the NetSuite ERP via proprietary Techcloudpro web connectors. Techcloudpro provides: • Essential password management functions • Protection of privileged passwords and SSH keys • Deterrence of malware attacks and privileged access control • Code strengthening • Secure configuration • Techcloudpro brings into play its own framework of managed services, allowing continuous monitoring and control of all privileged accounts.

CyberArk’s privileged access security solution is used by Fortune 500 enterprises and government organizations around the world. CyberArk has been named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management. Compared to a group of 11 other vendors, CyberArk was in the best position in terms of both execution capability and full vision. About Techcloudpro Techcloudpro is a Certified Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider, established in 2017 by a team of experienced and certified professionals with a deep understanding and know-how of NetSuite functionality and application requirements across industries. The company has experience in selling NetSuite licenses, advising on NetSuite Cloud solutions, and ERP implementation and support.

A trusted and reliable NetSuite solution partner, Techcloudpro knows how to understand customer requirements to implement, optimize and support their ERP in the Cloud. Techcloudpro’s vision is not only to increase its NetSuite practice with innovative products that fill the gaps in current market offerings, but also to diversify its suite of solutions with other technological services. With this, the company is making a foray into AI, ML, IOT, and Deep Learning. The company is also looking to build a digital talent house for scarce tech talent, powered by intelligent automation. Techcloudpro is part of the Vibing World group of companies, including Vibing Techcloud Solutions (P) Ltd., and Vibing Ticket Inc. The company is currently operating in Canada, India and the United States.

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Image: Jithesh Manoharan, CEO of Techcloudpro and parent company Vibing World, Inc PWR PWR.

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  • Mr. Mathur has a multitude of certifications from Cisco, CyberArk, Microsoft, RSA, Symantec and others. As a CyberArk Certified Partner, Techcloudpro will integrate Privileged Access Management for CyberArk’s cloud into its cybersecurity offerings to help businesses reduce the risks created by credentials and privileged secrets.
  • Techcloudpro Launches Cyber ​​Security Division, Extending ERP Solutions to Growing Companies Embracing Digital Transformation
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