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Tesla Developing ‘Gigacasting’ Technology for One-Piece Underbody Molding: Report

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Tesla Working on ‘Gigacasting’ Technology to Mold Underbody in One Piece: Report

  • Tesla is reportedly upgrading its “gigacasting” technology to die cast almost all vehicle underbody parts in one piece.
  • This innovation will allow Tesla to streamline production and reduce costs.
  • Chinese EV makers, including Xpeng and Geely’s Zeekr, are also adopting similar technology to improve manufacturing efficiency.
  • Streamlining Production and Reducing Costs

    Tesla is working on an upgrade to its “gigacasting” technology, which will enable the company to die cast almost all underbody parts of its vehicles in one piece. This innovation will significantly streamline production and reduce costs for the electric vehicle manufacturer. By utilizing “gigacasting,” Tesla has already managed to reduce production costs by molding the front and rear structures of its Model Y. Now, with this upgrade, Tesla aims to further optimize its manufacturing process.

    Adoption by Chinese EV Makers

    Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers, such as Xpeng and Geely’s Zeekr, are following Tesla’s lead and embracing “gigacasting” technology in their own manufacturing processes. By adopting this innovative approach, these companies can reduce the weight of their vehicles and lower production costs. This trend highlights the influence and impact of Tesla’s advancements in the EV industry, as other manufacturers seek to replicate its success.

    Implications for the Electric Vehicle Industry

    The development of “gigacasting” technology by Tesla and its adoption by other EV makers signify a significant shift in the industry. By molding underbody parts in one piece, manufacturers can improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the To complete the picture performance of electric vehicles. This advancement paves the way for further innovations in the EV sector, ultimately benefiting consumers with more affordable and technologically advanced electric vehicles.

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    Reporting by Zhang Yan, Albee Zhang, and Bernard Orr; Editing by Edwina Gibbs

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