The Facebook Lite app is handiest supposed for the particular purposes that are incorporated in the complete app. This is a dark topic for that someday. Ironically, customers of the main Facebook app nonetheless have to wait for the identical function to be added.

If you might be the usage of Facebook Lite, which is handiest to be had in some areas, particularly areas with spotty connections, you can be happy to know that a brand new Dark Mode possibility has been added to the app’s AndroidPolice reviews.

The new dark mode is positioned in the “Settings” menu and is subsequently really easy to to find. Simply turn on the dark theme by way of hanging the transfer on the proper aspect of your Facebook Lite. The app should be … black. Well, it is a very dark grey moderately than a black one, however it is greater than sufficient to scale back the pressure for your eyes.

Facebook Lite is a dark theme and execution is extra than simply a part of the app. If you turn on it, all tabs and menus of the app will be displayed in dark grey. Reports about Facebook Lite, a brand new dark mode, the date of the closing month or so, however it sort of feels that a broader advent has simply began. So be expecting a brand new function for your telephone to be very speedy and if you do not. I don’t have it.

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