The iPhone 12 Pro Costs Apple $406 to Manufacture

Graph iPhone 12 professional component suppliers

Today Apple news, The iPhone 12 Pro Costs Apple $406 to Manufacture.

In a disassembly of the iPhone 12 Pro, an estimate of the device’s components suggests that it costs around US $ 406 to build.

iPhone 12 Pro Cost

A breakdown of components reveals that South Korean coins account for 26.8% of the iPhone The value of 12 Pro, while the components from the United States are valued at $ 21.9 of the price. Related to iPhone 12, the number of South Korean components increased by 9.1 percentage points, and American parts fell by 3.9 points. The table below lists all component vendors for iPhone 12 Pro.

Four of the suppliers are based in Asia, showing how important the region remains to Apple, despite moves to import its manufacturing to other countries. It should be noted that Chinese coins represent only 4.6% of iPhone 12 Pro, although Chinese companies account for the bulk of the final assembly.

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