Friday, January 27, 2023
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HomeNewsThe road ahead for Dell's repairable Concept Luna laptop is long

The road ahead for Dell’s repairable Concept Luna laptop is long

Almost a year ago today, Dell introduced the Concept Luna, a fully repairable and upgradeable notebook made from sustainable materials. Everything from the storage and his SSD to the keyboard and screen is removable and replaceable, so it seemed like a similar concept to the revolutionary framework laptop. Problem: It was almost impractical to buy. Well, it’s been a year. The concept luna is not yet in stores. Dell doesn’t have any concrete plans to hit stores yet. However, Dell claims some progress has been made.

As you can see above, I was able to extract almost every part of the Concept Luna prototype that Dell had with my bare hands. No tools, screws, or that nonsense are needed. (Even the critically acclaimed Framework laptop, rated 10 out of 10 by iFixit, requires a screwdriver for part of the teardown). The keyboard can be removed, the speakers can be removed, and the battery and battery can be removed fan. We also watched a Dell robot smoothly disassemble and reassemble a laptop, displaying various stats about each component on the screen.

In particular, “over the past year, he has further improved the modular design of the Concept Luna, eliminating glue and cables and using minimal screws.” A system that can all be disassembled in “just minutes.” connected to, according to the company. It’s a lofty claim, but Dell at least has something to back it up. A recent demonstration gave us a glimpse of the physical concept Lunar model in action. I’ve also had to watch a bunch of robots takes apart devices, which is a lot more fun than watching a human take it apart.

I had no timing and only a short slot in the room to observe, but the “minutes” seemed accurate.
You may notice that the parts have QR codes. These have been verified by Dell personnel and will direct you to the parts purchase page when scanned. Of course, “Would” does a lot of work in this movement. The Concept Luna remains a concept, despite all the innovations Dell has allegedly made. Dell has not given me a timeline to release such a product. In fact, it’s not clear if there are any plans to actually release a product like this – it certainly isn’t committed to it.

During the Luna demonstration, a Dell rep emphasized that it’s basically tinkering with the idea of ​​a fully repairable laptop. belonging to the target. Perhaps the end result of this project will be improved repairability for many different Dell products rather than just one fully repairable device.

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  • The road ahead for Dell’s repairable Concept Luna laptop is long
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