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This camera is attractive for its color night vision, people detection, and 365-day battery life.

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Ezviz BC1-B2 2-Cam Kit Security Camera Review Rating

*I’ve not used them all

Minor issues aside, the Ezviz BC1 is an excellent system that quite likely has the best colour nighttime quality on the market* (for battery-powered cameras)

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Overall – 85%

No motion zones (so will trigger at all human detection)
Some connectivity issues the first few days

Colour night vision is one of the best on the market
Human detection significantly reduces recorded events
Excellent battery life

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The Ezviz BC1 system is the latest wire-free solution aimed at consumers for a user-friendly way to add security cameras to your home. The system comes with some very impressive specs that can compete with the leading brands in the market.

Similar to the likes of Eufy and Arlo, the new Ezviz cameras use a base station which the cameras then connect to directly. On paper, this looks like one of the best systems on the market, 365-day battery life, colour night vision, and smart human detection. For real-life usage, it performs well and is well worth considering, but there are a few small issues.

Specification 12,900 mAh battery with up to 365 days of use
Base station supports microSD up to 246GB, so no need for a cloud recording subscription
Up to 4 cameras can be added to the system
Colour night vision (which appears to use two built-in spotlights to facilitate this function, unlike some other wired low light cameras)
Smart human detection
Active defence with two-way talk & built-in 125dB siren
Solar panel compatibility
Magnet and screw mounts
2.4Ghz WiFi

Set-Up Set up is straightforward, much like many other cameras or smart home devices. I already had the Ezviz app, with this installed, you need to go to add a new device, then cameras. You need to scan the QR code of the base station first, then you can follow the pairing process for the cameras, which involves press the sync button on the camera and base station. I had everything up and running within a few minutes.

The system comes with two mounting options, either magnetic or screw and the physical installation of these cameras is easier than some options I have used but comparable to most. Ezviz vs Eufy 2 & Eufy 2C
Just because I have the cameras to hand, this is a comparison shot of the two Eufy cameras I already use. Ezviz on the far right.

The Ezviz does have bright spotlight-like LEDs which come on, but I don’t think it is a requirement for the colour night vision, unlike the Eufy 2C on the left. Recording Options & Cloud Recording Pricing
One of the appealing aspects of the Ezviz system is the option for either cloud storage or microSD. The base station will accept a card of up to 256GB, and you can also run both recording options concurrently.

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  • This camera is attractive for its color night vision, people detection, and 365-day battery life.
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NewsThis camera is attractive for its color night vision, people detection, and...

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