This is iPhone 12 and Flipkart hints it is launching in India soon

In this news, we discuss the This is iPhone 12 and Flipkart hints it is launching in India soon.

the iPhone 12, in its four variations, was leaked hours before launch. The photos of the leak iPhone 12 not only shows the design of the phones, but also reveals that the specs supposedly are all correct. The leaked photos show that the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will come with three cameras, while the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Mini will be delivered with two cameras.

The photos of the iPhone 12 were shared by Evan Blass on Twitter. He often leaks details of previously unseen phones.

The latest leaks are another of iPhone 12 leaks in the past week, detailing almost every aspect of the phones. You can read more about the specifications and rumored prices of the iPhone 12 here: iPhone 12 prices, specs revealed in new leak ahead of October 13 launch.

Meanwhile, Flipkart hints that the iPhone 12 will be launched soon. Not that the online retailer said it explicitly, but they’ve set up a page where they’re going to stream the Apple Hi Speed ​​aka iPhone 12 launch event. Flipkart has never done anything like this before, so it looks as if the company is streaming the event live on its site Web, she will only do it because she will start selling iPhone 12 soon.

At this time, there is no indication of fully confirmed information on the iPhone 12 prizes. But if the disclosed world prices are any indication, in India the price of iPhone Series 12 is expected to start around Rs 60,000.

Most affordable of all iPhone 12 variants will be the iPhone 12 Mini with its 5.4 inch screen. The second in line will be the iPhone 12, which could be valued around Rs 70,000, followed by the iPhone 12 Pro at a price of around Rs 90,000 and then the iPhone 12 Pro Max around Rs 1.1 lakh.

How to watch the Apple event: iPhone 12 launch event: India time, where to watch, how to watch, and what to expect

Blass also disclosed the image of the HomePod Mini. Although it appears to have the same mesh around it that is part of the regular HomePod, it is smaller and has a different shape. To put it, in real terms it looks like a soup bowl, or matka, which should be familiar to Indian readers. Additionally, the HomePod Mini appears to have a touchscreen, similar to the HomePod’s, which also glows iridescent when Siri is active.

If you want to watch the iPhone 12 live event, you will be able to do it via the site Apple’s Web or Apple’s YouTube Channel. Of course, you will be able to see it via the site Web Flipkart.

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max were leaked, hours before their launch. Meanwhile, Flipkart hints that the iPhone 12 is coming to India soon.

News Highlights:

  • Photos of all iPhone 12 variants were disclosed ahead of launch.
  • The photos show that the iPhone 12 Pro will have 3 cameras.
  • iPhone 12 Mini and the iPhone 12 will come with two cameras.


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