Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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This Summer, Remnant 2 debuts; the Handler Archetype is Demonstrated with a Very Useful (and Adorable) Dog

Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games are accelerating the release of Remnant 2, the sequel to the 2019 action/shooting/RPG title.

Today, the publisher and developer quietly confirmed the expected release date for this summer. They also released a new trailer dedicated to another prototype of the game, the Handler, which comes with a very useful dog that you can also pet for maximum immersion and enjoyment.

The dog can be put into one of three modes: Attack Dog, for DPS; Guard dogs, for aggressive predators; and Support Dogs, which restore an area of ​​effect to Handlers and allies. More importantly, through the operator’s main skill, it will revive the controller or other teammates when they are killed by injury in battle, as long as a dragon heart is available. Additionally, the operator’s Prototype trait reduces all friendly fire inflicted on himself and his allies.

As mentioned in a recent dive, the Archetype system is greatly expanded in Remnant 2 compared to the original game. Each prototype comes with signature armor sets, three unique weapons, and exclusive traits. However, now they also come with perks and skills.

Remnant 2 features five different perks that the player character can equip, such as Prime, Damage, Team, Utility, and Relic. Example: Team advantage affects all allies with bonuses like more ammo, increased defense, and overall healing. The Relic’s perk takes effect whenever the player activates the Relic’s cooldown, granting the character a powerful power capable of turning the tide of a skirmish.

Each archetype also has three unique skills to choose from. While only one can be equipped at a time, Remnant 2 allows players to swap them out whenever they want while not in combat. Finally, the player can optionally combine two archetypes to create a single class. However, they will need to know which prototype is chosen as the main prototype, as only that prototype can retain the primary advantage. In addition, skills from the main prototype automatically receive an additional boost, such as increased damage or duration, shorter cooldowns, additional charges, and more.

Gunfire Games also recently discussed the vastly improved level of randomness they introduced in this sequel. According to CEO David Adams, players can encounter completely different scenarios, biomes, NPCs, and bosses while playing in the same region, ensuring the experience is never exactly the same.

Remnant 2 will be released on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X.

Elizabeth Haire
Elizabeth Haire
Elizabeth Haire is in charge of coverage for laptops and desktops, and he stays current on the most recent developments in the gaming and technology industries. You can find him enjoying video games, watching social media, and waiting for the next Marvel movie when he isn't writing about technology.

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