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Tip for Privacy: Ensure You’re Not Unintentionally Sharing Your Location with Apps or Individuals.

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The article discusses how our devices and social media platforms collect and use our location data, potentially exposing our personal information. It provides tips on how to check and adjust location settings on Google accounts and smartphones to protect privacy. The article emphasizes the importance of being thorough when adjusting location settings and disabling location tracking on all devices to prevent location data from being shared inadvertently. It also warns readers to be cautious when sending photos that may contain location data. To finish on a strong point, the article aims to educate readers on the potential risks associated with location tracking and empower them to take control of their privacy settings.

Ever text a picture to an acquaintance or someone you just met? Depending on your phone and camera’s settings, you may have inadvertently sent over where you live, too. This is what someone can see from just a photo.

One good thing about social media is that most platforms wipe out this data. Still, they’re exposing you in other ways. Here’s how to check everything Facebook collects.

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Your devices and apps know where you are, too, but you can stop that.

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Location, location, location

Your GPS app must know where you are to guide you to your destination. Your social media apps want to know where you are to serve you with more relevant ads. You can fiddle with these settings as needed, but you must be thorough.

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Say you turn off location tracking on your phone but don’t do the same with your laptop. It defeats the purpose.

Let’s start with your device and account settings.


Your Google account is tied to various apps and services, making it a great place to start.

Location History

Location History saves your location wherever you take your smartphone. It’s off by default, but you may have turned it on and forgotten about it. No problem. Here’s how to turn it off:

  1. Sign in to your account at or through the Google app.
  2. Go to Data & privacy > Location History.
  3. Tap or click Turn off and confirm your selection.

While you’re here, make sure Auto-delete is On.

One last thing: Open up Devices on this account to see a list of devices saving your location. Tap or click Turn off to disable these devices.

Location Sharing

Location Sharing lets you share your location with people you choose. You may be using this setting with your loved ones, but check to be sure.

  1. Sign in to your account at or through the Google app.
  2. Go to Data & privacy > Location Sharing.
  3. If you’re not sharing your location with anyone, there’s nothing to do here.
  4. Anyone you’re sharing your location with will be listed here. Tap or click Stop next to a name to stop sharing.

Smartphone warning: Check these settings NOW on your iPhone or Android

Location tracking on your iPhone

Location Services has two parts: A global setting to stop sharing your location with all apps and services, and individual app settings to stop sharing location with specific apps.

Global setting

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  2. Turn off Location Services.

Individual app settings

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  2. Scroll down and tap on an app.
  3. Tap on the app’s name to change its location access. Choose from Never, While Using the App, and Always.

Don’t forget to check your laptop and other devices, too. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Protect your privacy and stay safe online.

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