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Trust Stamp Launches Tap-In Band for Global Alternative To Detention Programs

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Trust Stamp® Announces Groundbreaking Technology for the Global Alternative To Detention Programs

  • Trust Stamp introduces the Tap-In Band, a wrist-worn NFC band, revolutionizing community-based supervision programs.
  • The Tap-In Band utilizes GPS and NFC technologies in the user’s mobile phone to verify well-being and location discreetly.
  • The band offers secure authentication without the need for batteries or GPS tracking technology, ensuring user privacy and reducing apprehension.
  • Trust Stamp’s patented IT2 identity tokenization processes enable biometric authentication without storing biometric images or templates.
  • Enhancing Community-Based Supervision Programs

    Trust Stamp, the Privacy-First Identity Company, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Tap-In Band, designed to enhance community-based supervision programs. The wrist-worn, tamper-resistant, and hypoallergenic NFC band allows participants to discreetly check-in and communicate with their supervisors.

    Revolutionizing Authentication and Communication

    Unlike existing ankle and wrist-worn technologies, the Tap-In Band does not require batteries or include GPS tracking technology. This eliminates concerns about battery failure and intrusive monitoring, providing a more comfortable and convenient experience for users. By leveraging the GPS and NFC technologies in the user’s mobile phone, the band allows for location verification and well-being checks. The Tap-In Band also incorporates Trust Stamp’s patented IT2 identity tokenization processes, ensuring secure biometric authentication without storing sensitive biometric data.

    A Game-Changing Solution

    Gareth N. Genner, Trust Stamp’s Chief Executive Officer, describes the Tap-In Band as a game-changer in the industry. The band’s battery-free design and customizable aesthetic make it a discreet and comfortable option for participants. With a variety of colors and optional design features, the underlying purpose of the band is not obvious to onlookers. Trust Stamp aims to support programs that require scheduled or randomly triggered check-ins, providing an effective alternative to detention.

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    Trust Stamp believes that the Tap-In Band, combined with users’ own mobile devices, offers a cost-effective solution for community monitoring programs. The technology provides the same utility as devices with significantly higher costs, allowing for quick integration into a wide range of programs with minimal capital investment.

    After taking everything into account, Trust Stamp’s Tap-In Band introduces groundbreaking technology to support alternative to detention programs. With its innovative design, secure authentication, and privacy-focused approach, the band revolutionizes community-based supervision programs, offering a more humane and cost-effective solution.

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