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UK Patients to Gain Faster Access to New Medical Tech through Innovative Pathway

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UK Patients to Gain Speedier Access to New Medical Tech

The UK government has launched the Innovative Development Access Pathway (IDAP), a new initiative aimed at expediting patient access to innovative medical technologies. With £10 million in government funding, the IDAP will provide innovators and manufacturers with multi-partner support and targeted scientific advice.

  • The IDAP aims to support the rapid development of innovative technologies that can be introduced into the National Health Service (NHS) to address unmet clinical needs.
  • The pathway builds on the government’s commitment to develop an end-to-end pathway for innovation as outlined in the Medical Technology Strategy.
  • The pilot phase of the IDAP has been launched, inviting innovators to submit Expressions of Interest for access into the pathway.
  • Successful applicants will receive targeted support, including product roadmap development, system navigation advice, priority clinical investigations, joint scientific advice, and support with Health Technology Assessments (HTA) for product realization and adoption.
  • Supporting Rapid Development of Innovative Technologies

    The IDAP is a significant step forward in implementing the Medical Technology Strategy, aiming to ensure the adoption of specialty innovative medical technology into the NHS. David Lawson, Director of Medical Technology at the Department of Health and Social Care, emphasizes the importance of this initiative in benefiting patient outcomes and showcasing the regulatory and guidance bodies supporting the pathway.

    Expediting Access for Patients

    Dr Susan Myles, Director of Health Technology Wales, expresses pride in being part of this ground-breaking project that aims to speed up access to innovative technologies for patients across the country. The IDAP provides an exciting opportunity for innovators to apply and receive support throughout the pathway, ensuring the successful adoption of their technologies.

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    Accelerating Delivery of Cutting-Edge Medical Technologies

    Dr Marc Bailey, MHRA Chief Science and Innovation Officer, highlights the IDAP launch as an exciting step in delivering cutting-edge medical technologies safely to patients in the UK. The pilot phase will provide valuable insights to shape the future direction of the pathway. Medical technology innovators are encouraged to submit their applications and benefit from the combined support service.

    Focusing on Value and Unmet Needs

    Jeanette Kusel, Director of NICE Scientific Advice, emphasizes the focus on addressing unmet needs in the healthcare system and properly demonstrating the value of innovations. The IDAP offers developers of game-changing health technologies the opportunity to access expertise from both regulators and health technology appraisers, ensuring their innovations have a meaningful impact.

    With the launch of the IDAP, UK patients can look forward to faster access to innovative medical technologies that address their clinical needs. The pathway’s multi-partner support and targeted scientific advice will ensure the safety, quality, and effectiveness of these technologies while expediting their introduction into the NHS.

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