Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Updated With a Highly Anticipated Feature for Android Auto

However, work on Coolwalk is progressing well, and Google recently began rolling out another important feature to users in its Android Auto beta program. Announced earlier this month, the searchable progress bar for music and podcasts is finally coming to Android Auto users who have already received the redesigned interface. Google itself says the search bar is one of its most requested features, especially since it allows users to skip songs and episodes earlier. After all, the new features are currently rolling out to users in a beta program, but not yet publicly available in test builds.

In other words, the search bar isn’t available to all beta users at this time, but availability should improve over the next few days as more reliability data is collected. Search progress bars are available for almost any music app that runs on Android Auto, not just Spotify and YouTube Music. This is because Google updated the music template to Android Auto. This feature has been implemented system-wide, so it’s not an app-specific improvement. Android Auto Coolwalk was originally announced at Google’s I/O event last year and was slated to go live on the product channel this summer.

However, the search company fell short of its release goals, and he finally introduced the redesign into its beta program in December. The public rollout he announced in early January is expected to continue over the next few months as Google uses a phased approach to increase stability. What makes Coolwalk so compelling is its card-based user interface. This allows multiple apps to run side by side on the same screen, regardless of display size. Inspired by the CarPlay dashboard, Coolwalk focuses on the navigation experience.

But also features dedicated maps for music playback, phone calls, and other Google Assistant-provided information such as weather information. If you haven’t received Coolwalk yet, there’s not much you can do, but wait for the redesign to go into effect on your device as well. This feature will be enabled server-side. In other words, Google will improve availability as soon as it is ready. Coolwalk isn’t tied to a specific app version, so updating to the latest version of Android Auto doesn’t guarantee that new themes will be there.

At the moment, the search giant hasn’t shared an ETA on when Coolwalk will be widely available, but if you’re in the beta program, you can get a new search bar with the latest build.




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