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Users of the Galaxy S23 Ultra are now griping that the S Pen is malfunctioning

One of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the integrated S Pen, but some users report that the pen keeps disconnecting.

The Galaxy S series inherited the productivity-focused Galaxy Note series, with the S Pen becoming the defining element of the line.

Reddit, Samsung Community Boards, and Twitter complained that the S Pen doesn’t stay connected to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. When you take the pen out of the silo, you’ll get a notification that the pen has been disconnected and ask you to put the pen back in its storage he slot. Some users said their stylus wasn’t connected to their phone at all.

Several solutions have been suggested to avoid connectivity issues. One fix that seems to work for a lot of people is to turn on the “Keep S Pen connected” toggle. You can find it by going to Settings, going to Advanced features, then tapping S Pen. This will consume more battery, but the impact is unlikely to be significant. You can also try resetting your S Pen by opening Settings, selecting Advanced features, going to S Pen, and tapping the three vertical dots at the top. This fix seems to work only temporarily. This means that connectivity issues can reoccur after a few hours.

Luckily, the S Pen works when it’s not connected, but requires a Bluetooth connection for advanced features.

This is most likely a software issue, and Samsung may quickly address it once online forums fill up with complaints about the issue.

It’s been less than a month since the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s release, but it’s already reported some nasty bugs. Many users thought there was something wrong with the display.

No device is immune to failure. As long as the issue is resolved, there is nothing to worry about. The Galaxy S23 Ultra has been well received by both buyers and reviewers alike, and issues like these probably won’t stop it from becoming one of the best phones of 2023.

Elizabeth Haire
Elizabeth Haire
Elizabeth Haire is in charge of coverage for laptops and desktops, and he stays current on the most recent developments in the gaming and technology industries. You can find him enjoying video games, watching social media, and waiting for the next Marvel movie when he isn't writing about technology.

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