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Virginia Tech Elects Titus Cameron as New USS Vice President of Finance

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Congratulations to the new USS vice president of finance | Virginia Tech News

  • Voting for the Undergraduate Student Senate elections concluded on Sept 24.
  • The new vice president of finance for USS is Titus Cameron!
  • Students elected to the USS are committed to representing the student voice on campus through servant leadership, meaningful advocacy, and the empowerment of the undergraduate student body.
  • Students who are interested in getting involved with USS can apply for a director position within the organization or can also apply to any remaining vacant seats once applications are open.
  • New Vice President of Finance

    The Undergraduate Student Senate (USS) at Virginia Tech is proud to announce Titus Cameron as the newly elected vice president of finance. After the conclusion of the USS elections on September 24, Cameron emerged as the chosen candidate to lead the financial affairs of the student body. With their term officially starting on Monday, October 9, Cameron is ready to serve and represent the student voice on campus.

    Commitment to Student Representation

    The USS is dedicated to ensuring that the student voice is heard and represented on campus. Elected members of the USS are committed to servant leadership, meaningful advocacy, and empowering the undergraduate student body. Through their role as vice president of finance, Cameron will play a crucial part in ensuring that the financial needs and concerns of students are addressed and prioritized.

    Opportunities to Get Involved

    For students who are interested in getting involved with the USS, there are several opportunities available. They can apply for a director position within the organization, where they can contribute to the various initiatives and projects undertaken by the USS. Additionally, once applications are open, students can also apply for any remaining vacant seats in the USS. These positions provide a platform to actively participate in shaping the student experience at Virginia Tech.

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    For more information and updates, please visit the USS GobblerConnect Page and contact [email protected].

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