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VirnetX and Zeleration Technology Partner to Enhance Online Communication Privacy

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VirnetX and Zeleration Technology Forge Strategic Partnership to Elevate Privacy in Online Communications

ZEPHYR COVE, Nev., Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VirnetX Holding Corporation (NYSE: VHC) and Zeleration Technology have recently announced a non-exclusive agreement, forming a new partnership aimed at enhancing privacy in online communications. The collaboration will focus on the sale, integration, and support of VirnetX’s Cybersecurity and Secure Communication Solutions within Zeleration’s ecosystem. Initially, the partnership will cater to businesses in consulting, finance, accounting, and law.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zeleration Technology recognizes the unique privacy benefits of VirnetX War Room and the robust security offered by the VirnetX One Security Platform.
  • VirnetX’s technology provides a Zero Trust Network that ensures meeting privacy and creates a secure environment across organizational boundaries, devices, and operating systems.
  • VirnetX’s innovative solutions automate complex cryptography and make sophisticated attacker surveillance impractical, safeguarding sensitive communications.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security for Online Communications

    VirnetX’s partnership with Zeleration Technology aims to address the critical need for privacy and security in web-based meetings that span multiple organizations. Unlike conventional video conferencing tools, VirnetX’s War Room and One Security Platform provide absolute privacy through the implementation of Zero Trust Principles and Architecture.

    Zeleration’s Founding Partner, Justin Higgins, emphasizes the distinction between meeting privacy and security, highlighting the limitations of conventional tools. He explains that VirnetX’s technology seamlessly creates a Zero Trust Network, ensuring meeting privacy and security across organizational boundaries, devices, and operating systems.

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    Automated Complex Cryptography for Uncompromised Privacy

    VirnetX’s Director of Engineering, Kim LeBlanc, highlights the challenges of achieving absolute privacy in the past, which required expensive and difficult-to-maintain hardened networks between devices. However, VirnetX’s War Room solves this problem through Virtual Network Exchanges and Dynamic Zero Trust Networking.

    VirnetX’s technology automates complex cryptography, making it impractical for sophisticated attackers to conduct surveillance. Additionally, the patented Secure Domain Name Services (SDNS) technology further enhances privacy and security, ensuring that sensitive communications remain protected.

    Monetization of Meetings Raises Privacy Concerns

    Zeleration’s Higgins points out that if meetings or communications can be monetized by others, individuals become high-value targets for potential privacy breaches. To address this concern, Zeleration offers, a platform that provides product comparison videos, use cases, one-on-one War Room meetings, personalized demos, and proof-of-concept programs for businesses.

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    The partnership between VirnetX and Zeleration Technology signifies a significant step towards elevating privacy and security in online communications. With their combined expertise and innovative solutions, they aim to create a secure environment that safeguards sensitive information and protects businesses across various industries.

    About VirnetX: VirnetX Holding Corporation is an Internet security software and technology company that offers patented technology for secure network communications. Their solutions, including VirnetX War Room, VirnetX One, and Gabriel Connection Technology, provide device and location-independent secure communication environments for enterprise applications and critical infrastructures.

    About Zeleration Technology: Zeleration has been providing advanced technology and security solutions for professional services in the Tri-state area for over 22 years. Their software stack supports desktops with the latest technologies and industry best practices, making them accessible and affordable for businesses without extensive in-house resources.

    Disclaimer: This press release should be read in conjunction with VirnetX’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The statements made herein may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of…

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