The 20 Most Read Health Articles of 2020

The 20 Most Read Health Articles of 2020

The new year brings the promise of COVID-19 vaccines, but also infections and deaths from the virus and a vaccine rollout plagued by delays and confusion. Meanwhile, a new administration with new health policy priorities on a wide range of issues is about to take office.

As we look at the opportunities and challenges for health policy in 2021, we look back at the major articles on health affairs of 2020 and how these and other articles in the journal have shaped the political debate. For 2020, we’re going beyond the typical “top 10” to share with you the 20 most read articles of the year. Number one on our “20 for 20” list is Wei Lyu and George Wehby’s review of one of the most controversial health policy issues of the past year: the effect of the requirement to use face masks in public. The authors found that state mask warrants were associated with significant reductions in the spread of COVID-19.

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