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The biggest gaming news of August 11, 2021

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Remember that rumor from yesterday’s Biggest News article? Well, it turns out to have been confirmed that Rockstar will be releasing a GTA remastered trilogy sometime later this year, which will reportedly include Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Originally available exclusively to the Epic Games Store, Steam users will soon be able to catch a Bunger of their very own, thanks to the game making the move to the Steam platform sometime in 2022.

GTA 5 Is Still Making Rockstar $2.5 Million Per Day
gta 5 money
In related GTA news, GTA 5 continues to be a ridiculous cash cow for Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive, bringing in a whopping ~$2.5 million per day. (That’s a lot of Shark Cards!)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Dev Shows How Each Guardian Was Designed
Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Design
Developer Crystal Dynamics shared a series of videos that shows off how the characters in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game were designed to feature both a fresh, yet familiar feeling.

Netflix Reveals Cast Of The Live-Action Avatar Series
Avatar The Last Airbender Cover With Sokka, Katara, Aang, Momo, And Aapa
The faces behind the cast of Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender have officially been revealed.

Bethesda Might Be Creating A New Studio Dedicated To Remakes
Bethesda Might Be Creating A New Studio Dedicated To Remake
Today’s rumor mill includes a suggestion that Bethesda might be building an entirely new studio that is solely dedicated to making remakes.

Spec Ops: The Line creative director, Cory Davis, and Nine Inch Nails guitarist, Robin Finck, have announced Eyes Out – a brand-new gaming studio focused on “dark, atmospheric games with an emphasis on storytelling.”

Twitch Says It “Needs To Do More” Against Abuse Directed At Marginalized Streamers
Twitch Marginalized
In response to #DoBetterTwitch, which trended on Twitter with streamers sharing their stories of being targeted for harassment, Twitch said that it “needs to do more” to build a safer community.

Transgender Activision QA Testers Were Repeatedly Deadnamed At Work
activia Inven Global
Former and current Activision Blizzard QA staffers have shared accounts that pertain to the repeated deadnaming of transgender employees, in addition to extended working hours and unlivable wages. Diablo 4 Director And Others Depart Activision Blizzard Amid Abuse Allegations
McCree Blizzard
The fallout from the Activision Blizzard scandal continues with Diablo 4’s lead designer, Jesse McCree, its game director, Luis Barriga, and World of Warcraft designer, Jonathan LeCraft, having left the company following allegations of abuse.

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