Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The game will reportedly come as a Marvel-exclusive multiplayer for PS5

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Sony’s relationship with Marvel continues to bear lucrative fruit – and not just at the box office. Since the two companies started working together on the Spider-Man films, they’ve partnered up in the gaming space with impressive results such as the 2018 Marvel’s Spider-Man and its Miles Morales spin-off.

On an episode of the XboxEra podcast (thanks, GamesRadar), co-host Nick Baker commented on the relationship saying, “Sony is leaning into Marvel,” and “Sony’s clearly all-in on Marvel and Disney are clearly all-in on Sony.” He then went on to tell Xbox owners to “get Marvel and Xbox out of your head.”

This year’s Marvel’s Avengers may have been released to a tepid response, but news of an exclusive Spider-Man DLC on PS4/PS5 reignited some interest. After the success of the recent Sony exclusive Spider-Man games, this was bound to be the case. However, it now appears that Marvel and Sony are going a step further.

Baker elaborated on what he meant by saying he’s heard rumors of more Marvel games in development for Sony consoles, “I have been told there is a multiplayer Marvel game allegedly in the works, that will probably be a PS5 exclusive.”

This is all we know so far as Baker didn’t reveal how he knows this information. It’s also worth pointing out that nothing has been confirmed by Sony or Marvel at this time. The claim has some plausibility though. Sony currently has Spider-Man 2 in development for the PS5, along with the yet-to-be-released exclusive Avengers Spider-Man DLC, and the recently revealed Wolverine title coming from Insomniac Games.

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  • The game will reportedly come as a Marvel-exclusive multiplayer for PS5
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