“The Key to Shaping a Safer Food Future for the UAE and Beyond” May Be Vertical Farming Techniques

“The Key to Shaping a Safer Food Future for the UAE and Beyond” May Be Vertical Farming Techniques

It’s easy to think of agriculture as an industry stuck in the past; a business of crops and endless fields stretching into the horizon, with sunny harvests and vast, busy farms that haven’t changed the way they work for centuries or longer.

New, fast-paced technologies underpin every part of the process of the agritech industry and are, quite literally, helping to turn the deserts green through innovation and empowered solutions with crops growing upwards into the sky, not down into the dirt.

Of course, today’s reality is dominated by agritech, where the latest developments and modern ideas are harnessed to address the constant need to feed populations and keep supermarkets stocked.

The UAE Government understands the urgent need to sow the seeds of innovation to provide a homegrown and reliable source of food for its rapidly growing population. Food security is among the most important issues facing countries around the globe, particularly those with climates that are less suited to traditional methods of farming.

Essentially, it’s a high-tech form of indoor farming by which crops are produced in vertically stacked trays instead of in the soil. Produce is cultivated in a controlled environment where growth is maximised through the use of temperature, light and humidity without having to endure the harsh and unpredictable natural elements.

Solutions need to be sustainable, practical and deliverable especially in water-scarce regions such as the UAE. Vertical farming represents a clear route to creating a sustainable and food-secure future.

In some cases, vertical farming can produce greatly increased crop yields, with foods able to be grown year-round, over less land and using up to 95 percent less water.

IREPfarm, in working side-by-side with its long-standing and award-winning Agri-tech partner, Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS), is pioneering vertical farming as an ideal solution to combat water scarcity, poor access to fertile soil and harsh elements – resulting in achieving greater levels of food security in the region.

A scalable technology, it’s possible to develop and successfully roll out vertical farming using a holistic and large-scale approach with greater and more secure access to fresher food, increased availability, a reduction in the number of imports and significant shortening of supply chains among the most direct and positive results. Vertical farming is a clear, accessible, functional and adaptable example of how technologies are helping to shape the region’s agricultural sector.

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  • “The Key to Shaping a Safer Food Future for the UAE and Beyond” May Be Vertical Farming Techniques
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